Gregory Santana is a Disney/ABC retiree with 31 years staff & total of 45 years in entertainment. His career covers from “A” crew on Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, General Hospital to name a few. He also was producer, lighting designer & consultant on sci-fi conventions, charities as well as producer on Josh Bednarsky’s Crown, the Web Series.


Gregory is a member of the Television Academy & California Lawyers for the Arts. He continues his education with Adam Markel’s New Peak’s Guerilla Business School & Never Work Again, Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing, James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker, Paul Mata’s Wealth, Ken Courtright’s Digital Footprint Internet Businesses, Matt Brauning’s Evolution Seminars & Courtney Smith’s Wealth Builder Stock Trading. Then there are the other special events like Next TV, Next Gen Crowdfunding & Location Expo. He is a lifetime alumnus of Online Trading Academy, MTI, TSU & Mike Covel’s Success Stock Market, thus returns anytime for review and continual changes in the stock market.


Gregory continues building an extensively network attending marketing, promotion, media conferences & events meeting movers & shakers in Los Angeles media. His current career is stock trader & investor with Crowd Fund X & contributor to Marcus Warren’s MAP, the Hollywood/LA media career guide.


Presently, Gregory is working on his current project “Aggregated Marketing Resources”, an online referral service to increase your web presences, sales & build a forever marketing e-mail data base.

L. John Loomis has a varied career spanning technology, finance, entertainment and education industries for over 40 years. In addition to being a member of the board for Innovaro, John provides technical consulting services and executive mentoring to large institutions domestically and overseas. John has significant experience in the financial industry, where he has previously performed as a Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as a Chief Information Officer (CIO).


Prior to this, John spent over eight (8) years living and working in the Middle East. During that period, John presided over a company turnaround as Chief Executive Officer at International Turnkey Systems (ITS) in Kuwait. ITS provides a unique Core Banking solution to both Traditional and Islamic financial institutions. Additionally, they provide software and consulting solutions to the education, energy and government markets. Before that, John performed as a COO and CIO at Gulf International Bank in Bahrain where he was responsible for the entire back office operation for the bank. Finally, John performed as a CIO at Arab National Bank in Saudi Arabia where he oversaw the implementation of a new Core Banking solution, the first implementation of a MPLS network for a financial institution as well as building a tier-3 green data center.


Earlier, John was Chief Operating Officer and CIO at Cardean Learning group - an educational firm providing undergraduate and graduate degrees to approximately 5,000 online students. The education entity Cardean uses to teach its students was Ellis College (part of New York Institute of Technology). John was responsible for all areas of the company except for direct management of the teaching staff and the financial area.


Further back, John has been a CIO at Corbis who provided digital and analog image licensing; Managing Principal at The CTO Group performing numerous turnaround assignments as a CIO, CTO and Program Manager for large-scale customers like Time Warner, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, Bank of America; and performing as President and COO of SpatiLight, Inc., developing miniature Liquid Crystal on Semiconductor (LCoS) for consumer and medical video displays.


John’s technical accomplishments include a development engineering background in hardware, software and telecommunications. That background includes leading the architecture and design of a new approach to Core Banking solutions including paperless banking and complete mobile banking support (2013).  First implementation of full MPLS network for a Saudi financial Institution (2009). Designed virtual laboratory capability for on-line university (2007). Drove the architecture design and managed the selection of new digital media e-Commerce solution for digital media company (2005). Created global-wide architecture standards and development tool selection for ABN AMRO (2002). Managed the selection of CRM tool to unify 14 AT&T sales and project management systems 2001). Managed Merrill-Lynch On-Line implementation (both commercial and private client solutions) included new datacenter and completed in 5.5 months (1999). Designed new digital video miniature LCD chip that supported HDTV format for consumer electronic (1997). Designed and managed the development of new consumer PC software platform consisting 15 models supporting 17 languages (1995). Designed a unified UNIX Systems Management solution based on disparate acquired products (1992). Designed a set of UNIX servers for a major Japanese firm (1989). Design a new relational database that became Digital’s RDS solution (1986). Designing a new ADA/UNIX-based operating system that supported UNIX, 2200 and IBM 370 applications at the same time. Designing a new quality-control system for manufacturing mainframe hardware that increased Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) time from 8 hours to 9 months (1983). Designing a new Mid-range mainframe computer based on CMOS manufactured and delivers as a sealed unit for quick installation and easy maintenance (1980). Participated in the design and managed the team of Japanese and American engineers that built the fastest general-purpose mainframe based on the first use of logic and memory capabilities on the same chip (1979).


Mike More

President, mmersion llc


Mike is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with over 15 years of experience helping companies grow by creating innovative strategies. Prior to starting his own management consulting firm, Mike was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Northern Contours. Leading a team of over 50 people for the $65 million company. At mmersion llc, Mike works inside companies to assess new opportunities and implement go-to-market strategies.

In addition to cutting his teeth at large companies such as Ingersoll-Rand, UnitedHealth Group, and Tennant Company, Mike has used his strategic marketing and business development skills to help start-ups and mid-size companies create and implement innovative growth strategies in business-to-business roles

Born in raised in Minnesota, Mike earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota. He earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from the Carlson School of Management.

Leveraging his early technical background as a structural engineer, Mike has worked primarily with product developers and manufacturers who aim to achieve dramatic growth through assessing key opportunities and innovative go-to-market strategies. The cornerstone of Mike’s career is his analytical and technical background, which he has translated into effective strategic planning and analysis for his business units and clients. He leveraged this background in his first business role working on the corporate development team for Thermo King (an Ingersoll-Rand company), and there he later ran a sales and marketing team for a $100 million business unit.

Mike has experience guiding start-ups and other businesses as an advisor and board member. Mike served on FR Secure’s advisory board for three years and currently is on the advisory board of Foodsby, a web-based lunch delivery service.

Mike lives in Edina, MN with his wife and two children. He founded and still runs The Big Bowlowski, an annual fundraiser to combat diabetes that has raised over $50,000.  He enjoys an active lifestyle – waterskiing, triathlons, snow skiing, and hockey.



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