National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Marcus Warren as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

Los Angeles, CA –— Marcus Warren, Founder and Owner of Keylight Productions, LLC, has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.  The selection recognizes Marcus Warren’s commitment to excellence in Video and Film Production.

Marcus Warren, who started working in his field over six years ago, officially started his business in 2012.  As founder of his organization, Mr. Warren maintains film production operations and development and all day to day operations.  With the role of writer, producer, and director, it is also his responsibility to oversee every aspect of the business.

“I believe that it is my creativity and attention to detail that both contribute a great deal to my success,” Mr. Warren said, “and I have a pretty good eye when it comes of the look and feel, as well as on-set decision making.”

Keylight Productions currently has four features in development.  Hoping to get funding and integrate video game titles from some of his features, Mr. Warren is excited for the future.  His inspirations, which were all taken from art, music, and films, have inspired him throughout the years and is confident that it will carry him Marcus Warren into many successful years into the future.

Mr. Warren’s film “A Rose for a Rose” was selected for the Ventura Film Festival in 2010.  Hoping to win future film festival awards, Mr. Warren has been embraced by his local community and has also worked with several independent artists in LA’s hip-hop  business email:


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