Located in Los Angeles, the heart of the movie and entertainment industry, Keylight Productions has produced and developed numerous independent films and commercials under its supervision. Visit our projects and services sections to learn more about the various production services we offer, including our past, present and upcoming commercial projects.

Here at Keylight Productions LLC we service a wide range of production needs from Music Videos, feature films, Documentaries, Business Presentations and Commercials. So there's only one question that remains. What can we do for you? Our HD  Video Packages range from $800- dollars to $1400 dollars this includes help with treatment, editing, and file storage.


Business Presentations vary in scale of the Business and it's overall budget, but we like to start at $900 dollars ending at$1100 and again these prices reflect scale of your budget and what your  putting into the material.


Feature Films and Documentaries vary according to films budget, if there's no money involved that's good but have that understanding from the beginning.


Providing all your digital media needs!